Date - 14/03/2022

Covid-19 Session Times

Online Form Required to participate at a Public Session


11:00 to 12:30    Hire Skates  R65  |  Own Skates  R55
Non-skater  R10. 00 per person


14:00 to 16:00    Hire Skates  R75  |  Own Skates  R65
Non-skater  R10. 00 per person

2022 IIHF Championship Program
Participating Teams
South Africa (RSA)
Thailand (THA)
Bosnia & Herzegovina (BIH)
Day Date Time Teams
1 13th March 2022 19h00 RSA v BIH
2 14th March 2022 19h00 BIH v THA
3 15th March 2022 19h00 RSA v THA
4 16th March 2022 19h00 BIH v RSA
5 17th March 2022 19h00 THA v BIH
6 18th March 2022 17h00 THA v RSA

Hire Skates  R30  per Child not taller than 1.3m

All times are subject to change

COVID-19 Health Screening Questionaire

    For your safety and the safety of others, please take a moment to complete this mandatory health questionnaire BEFORE you get to the entrance of The Ice Station.

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    Child 1 Name and Surname

    Child 1 Date of Birth YYYY-MM-DD

    Child 2 Name and Surname

    Child 2 Date of Birth YYYY-MM-DD

    Child 3 Name and Surname

    Child 3 Date of Birth YYYY-MM-DD

    Child 4 Name and Surname

    Child 4 Date of Birth YYYY-MM-DD

    Child 5 Name and Surname

    Child 5 Date of Birth YYYY-MM-DD

    • Cough
    • Sore throat
    • Shortness of breath
    • Fever, a temperature of 37.3°C or higher, or a history of fever in the last 14 days
    • Chills
    • Body aches including headaches
    • Loss of taste/smell
    • Nausea, diarrhoea or vomiting, or all


    (In this case close contact refers to being in contact with a person who had confirmed coronavirus disease but did not have any symptoms, had face-to-face contact within 1 metre of a COVID-19 positive person, or was in a closed space for more than 15 minutes with COVID-19 positive person.)

    Terms and Conditions

    Yes I agree to the above linked Term and Conditions and to having my temperature checked.

    Upon submitting this form you will receive an email confirmation of this Health status inquiry. Either print and bring to The Ice Station or show email on your mobile device to The Ice Station staff member on duty.

    Then check your email.